Raywar: Pandemonium


Destroy infinite number of enemy waves in 14 stages and 4 game modes, unlock 8 completely different abilities, 4 different ships, many achievements and compete with friends and strangers for the best high score.

– 14 unique stages and 1 boss fight(with more to come)
– 4 different modes
– 8 different abilities including teleportation, turrets and homing bullets
– 4 different ships with different passive functions
– Spectacular HD graphics that bring your device’s hardware to the edge
– Google play games Achievements and Leaderboards
– Highly Competitive game-play
– Local multiplayer with the use of 2 game-pads
– Full game-pad support with adjustable buttons configuration
– Adjustable on screen controls

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Beat Dancer


Dance with the rhythm and beat the music.You have one job ,just tap the screen and enjoy the beauty of music.

-Addictive gameplay
-Ability to play with your music
-6 beautiful music tracks
-Online leaderboards

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Round and Round

Screenshot from 2013-08-21 00:52:07

Go round and round and enjoy the rhythm of the music ,until you die brutally by smashing into a black thing.
Its simple ,just tap the screen at the right moment to avoid crashing, and enjoy the nice music.

-2 modes:Classic,Random
-Nice graphics
-Rhythm based effects
-Good music

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Bricks with Color


Train your brain in this challenging puzzle game .
The point of the game is to make all the bricks of a row or column to have the colors that are indicated at the bottom of the squares.This can be done by rotating and destroying the bricks.

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Kill endless waves of enemies and make your way on the top of the on-line leaderboards in 6 addictive and funny game modes.

-6 game modes and 12 different types of enemies
-Different weapons and bombs
-3D sound effects & nice background music
-Swarm integration for on-line leaderboards & achievements
-Nice graphics and particle effects

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